It was unfortunate that the “prep-meeting” scheduled for December 7th had to be cancelled, however we can’t fight the weatherman. The rescheduled date was December 15th – all businesses were urged to be represented for input as well as local governments (R.M.s and Town), etc. The more facts we can gather to make a strong (& hopefully effective) presentation to RBC officials on January 3 or 4, the better.

The committee reported the following:
Ø Petition signatures and letters are coming in but we want more – don’t slack off!
Ø We are seeing signatures from other centres – they are joining our “fight”.
Ø Again – and still – we are receiving contradictory information from RBC reps.
Ø There seems to be hesitation in giving out information we are asking for
Ø When questioned about some of their figures, they have no concrete answers.
Ø There is the feeling that we are being taken advantage of being in an economic slump at present (adding an extra kick when we’re already down).
Ø The committee are following up on a similar situation that happened to a town similar to us in the U.S. – they fought and WON!
Ø Contact is being made with others in our province facing the same “blow”.
Ø We cannot – and will not – give up – realizing the “ripple effect” the bank closing would have on our community.
Ø The reply calls/letters we are receiving tend to be very convincing. DON’T BE A SOFT TOUCH! Ask for proof of the figures they give! They have been known to have to “back-track” on some facts!

Please, Please, Please keep the letters/phone calls/emails going. We realize that we are in a very busy time of the year, but let’s not become a statistic – “Oh Wawota – that was a real ‘PUSH OVER’”.

Email numbers/phone numbers to contact: to express our disappointment/concern about closing the Royal Bank in Wawota are:

ED KAULBACH, RBC Regional Vice President for South Sask. 306-691-4102 email

KIM ULMER, RBC President Man./Sask./N.Ont. 204-988-4410 email

DAVID MCKAY, RBC President & Chief Executive Officer 416-974-4475 email

The petition is also available online. Please text Dee @ 306-577-5234 or email for the link.

Upcoming Elections

Voter Identification Matters

The purpose of the voter ID requirements is to maintain the integrity of local election processes. Your name and address must appear in some form on your voter identification documents. Bringing proper identification will ensure your voice is heard and will help your local election run as smoothly as possible.

Photo ID – Your BEST option to take to the polls

Acceptable photo identification is ID that is government-issued, valid and has your photo, name and address. If your identification does not meet these criteria it will not be recognized as an acceptable form of photo identification.

Examples include:

A valid Saskatchewan Driver’s Licence. (If you still have a two-piece licence, make sure you have both pieces).
A valid Saskatchewan ID card issued by SGI or any motor licence issuer. (Available for $10 or free for seniors).
Any other valid government issued photo ID issued by a Canadian government whether federal, provincial or municipal, or an agency of that government, so long as it includes your name and address.


Wawota Housing Authority Rental Application

Application for Rental Housing Social housing is intended for low to moderate income households including families, seniors, and persons with a disability. Under the Social Housing Program, tenants are provided with rent that is geared to their household income.

You are eligible for the social housing benefit if:

  • your household’s income and assets are at or below the limits established by Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC) from time to time,
  • you are able to live independently either alone or with supports,
  • your household fits with the types of housing we have available in your community,
  • you have good rental references from landlords, and
  • you are not in Canada on a student visa or as a visitor.

If your application for the Social Housing Program is approved, the housing authority will review your housing circumstances and assess your level of need for housing. When a unit is available, the housing authority selects the household with the greatest housing need.   If your application for the Social Housing Program is approved but no housing unit is available immediately, you may need to provide additional information to confirm you are still eligible for the program when a unit becomes available.   If you are offered a housing unit, you will need to provide a security deposit.

The application form can be found in our Downloads section.

Tent Caterpillers

The town of Wawota is currently experiencing an infestation of Tent Caterpillars. These Caterpillars resemble worms and are quicking killing many trees. Please check your trees immediately. Infested trees should be sprayed immediately to stop the damage. Malathion or Seven may be used as a spray.

More Information
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