Get your Pre-sale Tickets Now!

Pre-Sale Tickets will be available until July 29 at, Grammie’s Gift Emporium, Front Porch Interiors, Wawota Hotel and 2nd Street Eats.

Family Pack (2 adults + 2 Kids) $90. $100 at the door.
Individual (age 17 and up) $27.50. $30 at the door.
Children (ages 5 to 16) $20
Children 4 and under Free.


Preparing for the Heritage Weekend

“What can I do?” you ask….
Residents & Businesses:

1. Both the tidiness of your back alley and your front yard are equally important – friends and family will be seeing it all.
2. Pull all the weeds along the curb in front of your property – sweep up the dirt and debris and bag.
3. Trim all hedges, bushes, etc. – do it soon so it has a chance to re-leaf before the 31st.
4. Remove any dead-fall from your yard/alley.
5. Help your neighbour – help the Town – they will truly appreciate it.
6. Don’t neglect the vacant lot next to you – any extra trimming/cleaning really makes a difference.
7. Pick up any litter around your property.
8. If you need help with your yard – please ask someone for help.

We have had compliments in the past about our clean, friendly town.
Now is the time to let visitors know that Wawota is a great community – a safe friendly town in which to raise your family – an opportunity to start up a business.
REMEMBER – any compliments the Town of Wawota receives is a direct compliment to YOU!

Provincial Disaster Assistance Program

Town of Wawota residents who had water damage, from the heavy rainfall, June 28 -30, 2014, may be eligible for coverage through PDAP. Private property claim applications and information are now available at the Town Office.
– Wawota Town Council

New Location for Recycle Bins

The Town of Wawota has moved the recycle bins that were located East of the Skateboard Park to a new location. The new location of the recycle bins is South of the Community Forum.
Please note that these recycle bins are to be used by Town of Wawota residents and businesses only. People living outside of Town are not to use this recycling service.
Please remember to flatten all boxes before placing them in bins.
Thank you for your assistance.
– The Town of Wawota

Class of 2014



L-R: Cristal Duff, Colton Wilson, Victor Heinrichs, Brady Benner, Riley Smith, Amanada Villeta