Public notice is hereby given to inform the citizens of Wawota and area that he Town of Wawota has hired the Commisionaires South Saskatchewan to enforce the bylaws of the Town of Wawota. The contract will commence May 4/15 for a period of one year.
The Commisionaires wil be easily identifiable as they will be wearing uniforms and driving identifable decaled vehicles. The Commisionaires wil have ful authority to enforce the bylaws of the Town of Wawota. Although the Commisionaires purpose will be to enforce our bylaws, the initial period wil be more education than enforcement. Citzens of Wawota wil be given ample opportunity to comply with Town bylaws; however, compliance with our bylaws will be required. Copies of these bylaws are available at our office or on our website. Failure to comply with bylaws could result in further action taking place including such steps as issuing an “Order to Remedy”, fines, and compliance completed by the Town of Wawota with costs being charged to the bylaw offender.
The Commisionaires are being hired to serve the citzens of Wawota so please treat them with respect.
Issued at the Town of Wawota this 24th day of April, 2015.
Cheryl De Roo, Administrator


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