The Town of Wawota is switching from GFL (Reagans) to Loraas Disposal
for garbage and recycle collection.

Therefore each household
will have Loraas carts delivered to their residence on April 27, 2022. Garbage collection day will now be on Tuesday starting May 3, 2022 and Recycle will be every other Friday starting May 6, 2022. A Loraas information pamphlet and calendar will be left along with the bins.

The last day for Garbage collection with GFL (Reagans) will be on April 29, 2022. The last day for Recycle collection will be April 25, 2022. Please use your GFL (Reagans) carts for these days.

After these days, please leave the GFL (Reagans) carts at the front of your property for pick up by GFL.



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