Town Council

Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm.

Mayor: Neil Birnie
Elected 2013. Previously an Alderman, from 2008 to 2013. Originally from Wawota. Occupation: Greenhouse Operator. Home (306) 739-2459

Alderman: Dan Nicurity
Elected 2009.  Occupation: Retired. Phone: 739-2946

Alderman: Mike Greenbank
Elected 2012. Occupation: Employed at Chimo Building Centre. Phone: 739-2126

Alderman: Kathy Hamilton
Elected 2013. Occupation: Restaurant Owner. Phone: 739-2396

Alderman: Terrance Hamilton
Elected 2016. Occupation: Employed part-time at CT Flooring, Wawota SK. Phone: (306) 577-7171

Alderman: Shawn Murray 
Elected 2016. Occupation: Employed at Chimo Building Centre. Phone: (306) 435-6611

Alderman: Allan Bunz
Elected 2016. Occupation: Retired. Phone: 577-7899

Administrator: Sherry Wight, Office: 739-2216  Fax : 739-2216