Wawota & District Museum


July & August Mon. – Fri. 2 – 5 pm Sat. 2 – 4 pm
Year Round: Upon Request
Admission: Voluntary Donation

What is a Museum?

A museum is a place you went to with your school class. Upon entering the museum, the rooms were dark and crowded. You saw some pictures, an old-fashioned iron, a stuffed owl, a spinning wheel and maybe a mannequin dressed in odd clothes. A museum is a place you visited with your Grandma or your Dad. “What the heck is that?” you’d ask. Dad would say he was not sure. But Grandma would say “that is how we used to separate the cream after milking our cows. And that thing in the corner is how we used to churn butter.” She would then tell you stories from her childhood. If you are from an older generation, a museum brought back memories from your childhood. Do you remember reading with a coal oil lantern? Did you heat your sadiron on the old coal & wood stove? Did you hop into the buggy for your weekly trip into town? Did you fashion a new tool from scraps of iron found around your farm? Yes, a museum is a place that preserves the past – but a museum is also so much more.

Kid's Activities

July & August
Tuesdays: 2:00 pm  to 3:30 pm. Ages 5 to 12.
We hope you'll join us for some Fun!

How did the Museum get started?

On July 8, 1980 the Town gave approval to establish the Wawota & District Museum (a project from the Town’s 75th Anniversary Celebrations) and set up a committee of 12 volunteers to manage the museum. The Museum has four buildings with displays on the property – not just the big white building you see when you walk down Main Street. The Museum kept expanding & improving … the two story main building was remodeled/expanded the old fire hall repaired a shed was added for more displays. the Bethany Schoolhouse was moved onto the property.

On Display

When you come in, we can show you: the old four-room house, a sample of the Old Royal Theatre, a Wildlife Diorama, a Drugstore/Doctor Display Military Display, Tool Displays Agriculture Displays School Displays Sports Displays Hall of Fame and much more …

How is the Museum funded?

Annual Spring Tea & Bake Sale, Raffles and other fund-raising events.  Grants (Sask Culture, MAS, Recreation Board.) Donations (Town, RM #92 & RM#93, Lions, Legion, Mountney Club, other local clubs, local businesses, individuals) Voluntary Donation Box for museum visitors

How does the Museum support the Community?

- special tours upon request - Heritage Days - musical afternoons - sharing memories at DVL - special displays - school tours - kids’ carnival - educational events - window displays just to name a few. The Wawota Museum is where we attempt to educate… on your past, your present and maybe even a look into the future. Stop in and we will show you around.

Town Office
308 Railway Ave.
P.O. Box 58
Wawota, SK S0G 5A0
Phone: (306) 739-2216