News In Five

News In Five

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News In Five is a weekly news brief sponsored by the local Lions Club in co-operation with the Town of Wawota, R.M. of Walpole #92 & R.M. of Wawken #93.

News In Five will not go into local mail boxes but will be made available at various local businesses every Friday.

There is no charge for community events, announcements or appreciations. At present commercial advertisements and or articles for sale will cost (per issue) 3″x4″ or smaller – $2; ¼ page – $5; ½ page or whole page to be printed by you for insert – price negotiable. Advertisements can be run weekly, once a month, or desired frequency.

The News In Five Archive can be found here.

Have something to share? Need advertise your business? 

Contacts for submitting events, articles for sale, ads, etc. will be: Garry 306-739-2437 or Shirley 306-739-2295 or use the form below.

Cut-off time for submissions will be Wednesday at noon (unless stated otherwise).

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